How long will I wait when I call for a pick-up?

The Average Time once you call and arrange get picked up is typically 30-60 minutes.

Can I make a reservation for transportation?

Yes!! Reservations are highly recommended. You can call in for a Reservation to our Dispatcher at 763-432-7536

What are the Rates to get ‘Me and My Car Home’?

Our Base Rate is 0 to 5 Miles $40. Each addl’ mile is $3.00 per mile.  

Can we make extra stops on the way to our destination?

Please let our Dispatcher know that you plan to make additional stops. Each Additional Stop is $5.

How Many People Can RIDE in a Vehicle?

We can transport as many people that can legally and safely ride in your vehicle with seatbelts with our driver. Everyone in the vehicle must sit in a seat and have a seat belt on. Any extra stops or wait time will be added to the final ride charges.




Alpine Sober Cab Drivers will wait up to 10 minutes free of charge after that a wait fee of $1.00 per Minute will be applied to the final ride charges.  


Each additional stop or drop off is considered a $5 stop-fee that will be applied to the final ride charges.


Alpine Sober Cab accepts Cash.

Alpine Sober Cab will also accept all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). **However all Credit Cards processed will be charged a $3.00 bank processing fee or 4%, which ever is greater.  

Alpine Sober Cab will ONLY accept bank cashier’s check and Business/Corporate Checks pre-approved from our management

Alpine Sober Cab unable to accept personal checks, bank cashier’s check, travelers checks, western union funds or checks, or any money orders.


Can Alpine Sober Cab drivers operate a vehicle with a manual transmission?

Yes. Our drivers can operate both automatic and manual. Please let our Dispatcher know that you have a Manual Transmission.


Can Alpine Sober Cab drive me further than the cities in your normal pick up area?

Yes, we can!! Please let our dispatcher know if you will be going to a location that is out of our service area.

Can you pick me up outside your normal pick up area?

Yes we can!! We have an Out Of Service fee that will apply when starting out of our service area. Please ask WHAT fees may apply.


Do I need Car Insurance?

YES, Clients must have Valid Iinsurance and maintain a copy of Valid Insurance Coverage in their vehicle. Alpine Sober Cab operates by receiving our Clients permission to ‘Drive their Vehicle’. Alpine is not liable for any damages to your vehicle before-during-after transport. If damages are substained, the customer will need to work out the issues with the driver that is a independent contractor for Alpine.


What if I need to change the time or place of pick up?

Please remember to call our dispatch as soon as you know that your plans have changed so we can alert our assigned drivers to send them to the right locations at the right time. Our drivers need a minimum of 1- hour notice of any changes to adjust schedules for other rides that have been called in.

**Please note: In some cases, we may not be able to adjust our drivers schedules due to call volume but we will do everything we can to accommodate you.


What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Please call at least 60-minutes before your scheduled pick up time. This prevents the Drive Team from being dispatched to the location.

What if I forget to call to cancel?

You must cancel the reservation at least 60-minutes before your scheduled pick-up time or there will be a $20 cancellation fee. **If you are no-show for a reservation you will be charged the estimated Full-Rate for the ride.


Is My Personal Information Kept Confidential?

Yes, absolutely. We understand the importance of our clients’ privacy. That’s why we only hire drivers who understand this aspect of our service and are willing to sign a confidentiality agreement.


What if we get pulled over while Alpine Sober Cab is driving us home?

Your Alpine Sober Cab driver is an authorized driver of your vehicle. In the event your vehicle is pulled over by a police officer while being transported by an Alpine Sober Cab support driver, the Alpine Sober Cab support driver is responsible for any moving violation incurred during the transporting of your vehicle to your destination.


Are Alpine Sober Cab drivers available for large events?

Yes. We are available for large events. We request that we be notified at least a week to two weeks prior to the event to ensure we can meet your needs.


What If I Drive a Motorcycle?

Yes. We have experienced 'motorcycle-endorsed' drivers who will retrieve and deliver your motorcycle home safe.


Can we get a ride without having our own vehicle, like a taxi?

Our mission is to prevent impaired driving and we focus specifically on this mission by providing an alternative to impaired driving. If you are in need of this sort of service, we do recommend calling a traditional taxi service but will provide this service through our dispatch service line if we have drive-teams available.


Do You Run Background Checks On Your Drivers?

Yes. In addition to being trained, all our drivers must pass background checks and agree to submit to random drug testing.


The Cancellation or Termination of any Membership:

ALPINE SOBER CAB will not refund any month that has been paid in advance. Customer may Cancel or Terminate a Membership with a 30-Day written notice on the first on the month without penalty.


What if there is a client spills, vomits or has an accident in the Alpine Sober Cab 'Chase-Car'?

There is a CLEANING FEE of $200.00 that will be charged to the client for any accident or damages in an Alpine Sober Cab 'Chase-Car'.


Any deposit made for a reservation via Paypal or Credit Card is NON-Refundable.

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