Our family started Alpine Sober Cab in 2011. We are a Small 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.

Our OWNER and FOUNDER (no salary) - Julie Howe

Our BOARD OF DIRECTORS (unpaid positions) - Julie Howe, Larry Mitchell, Deborah Krienitz

*Early 2011 a family member was involved in a roll-over car accident due to a drunk driver, my son was a passenger in the backseat. The vehicle rolled several times as they accelerated onto the on-ramp to a freeway. It was out of sheer-luck and the grace of god that no one died or was tragically hurt. With 4 injured people from only the one vehicle with some fractured bones, concussions, bruises, cuts, and some very upset families it was actually a pretty lucky night because everyone was going home alive.

This is when we decided to be more proactive about getting people home safe. We met with several other businesses, set up our business plan, filed with the federal and state, got a phone #, got commercial business insurance, started doing business from my kitchen, set up a website, hired people as needed and eventually we rented an office as the business quickly out grew my kitchen.

Since 2011, we went from running it from my kitchen table and having drivers sleeping in piles on my livingroom floor..... to having an office, a webmaster, dispatching software app, purchased and wrapped two commercial vehicles with sponsored help, doing sponsored events, and on and on.

We have met some amazing people that have helped us grow, some wonderful and wise people that have advised us with our organization and some wild & crazy people we will never live a day in our lives again without them and feel blessed that they use our service.

In 2015, we drove home 14,400 people in over 4000 Runs!

In 2014, we drove home 12,000 people in over 3300 Runs!

In 2013 we had 2,750 Runs!

In 2012 we had 1,380 Runs!

We offer discounted rides to:

* Military _ Police Officers _ Fire Fighters _ UoM College _ Bar Staff in Zone only

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