Help Alpine Sober Cab accomplish Our Mission and keep your company safe.

In a partnership with Alpine Sober Cab, you will see all the benefits for your company and your staff !

Who should partnership with Alpine Sober Cab?

Bars, restaurants, clubs, country clubs, hotels, or retail stores that serve or sell alcohol

Event halls, large or small venue events, special events or one-time events that serve alcohol

Hospitals, medical and dental facilities that perform out-patient procedures

Businesses that require employees to drive company owed cars

Businesses wanting to protect employees from driving impaired.

 What are the benefits of a partnership with Alpine Sober Cab?

Protection from impaired driving liability and Dram Shop Law

Unlimited marketing materials for designated driver service

Useful tools and training for servers and sellers of alcohol

Let customers and local community know that you care about their personal safety

Creating local awareness that can save lives in your local community/area

Vouchers for rides available at a reduced cost for your customers and staff

To Develop a Partnership with Alpine Sober Cab .. Call Today !

Our On-Site partnership is a recommended for any business that sells or serves alcohol.

A partnership with Alpine Sober Cab as a “Designated Driver Service” is to readily provide an available service to anyone for approximately the same cost as a taxi …and still get their car home.

 Alpine Sober Cab operates as a non-profit social enterprise; Alpine Sober Cab relies on the support from local businesses that sell or serve alcohol "on-site" to help us pursuit of our mission.  

Alpine Sober Cab mission and objective is to reach out and generate support for the organizations mission. Alpine Sober Cab mission is to help ensure that we are able to provide the public with a professional, reliable, and inexpensive designated driver service as an alternative to driving impaired.

For more information on a Partnership or about Alpine Sober Cab

 Contact us by Phone at (763) 432-7536


How To Partnership or Sponsorship with Our Non-profit Organization

Contact us our mgmt or dispatcher find out more information by Phone: 763-432-7536


Here is a list of our Sponsors and Partners (Company / Organizations)


Valvoline Oil Change - Fleet Discount for our staff

Perfect 10 Car Wash - Discounted Car Detailing for our staff 

Open Minded Productions - Band "Open Minded"


DrinkingAndDriving is a website created as an effective environment to learn about and more importantly, learn how to prevent drunk driving. We produce and provide free educational materials and real tools to prevent drunk driving. The site has the National Directory of Designated Driver Services for the United States. Designated Driver Services are those companies that will drive you AND your car home safely! Read all about how to use one and see if one is available in your area by checking the most complete list of Designated Driver Services anywhere.

Open Minded

The Band that created our Company Support Song is Our Favorite Band "Open Minded"

Label: Open Minded Productions - Band "Open Minded"

Band Members:Mikilla, Phatboi Phresh, Hatchet Monkey

 Band Web Site

 Other links the band can be found on are: and

Please call Alpine Sober Cab for a safe ride home at 763-432-7536.

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